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Anomaly Studio is the Sound Laboratory of Sound Designer / Composer Bastien Benkhelil.
With other a decade of professional experience in Audio Post Production and Scoring for Commercials & Feature Film, Anomaly Studio has established itself as a go-to place for many High-End projects that deserves a totally unique auditory experience.

• Music Recording | Mixing | Mastering
• Sound Effect Field Recording
• ADR & Foley Stage
• Qualibrated 5.1 Mixing Stage for TV and Broadcast

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About Us

Learn About anomaly

anomaly is a Recording Studio & Audio Post Production boutique located in the heart of Los Angeles.
With over a decade of contribution to the Sound Design & Music for a large variety of projects, aNOmaLY Studio is the result of these years of sonic experimentation.
Our goal is to reinforce and carry your message in the most elegant and artistic way.

• Powerful combination of Analog & Digital Recording Equipment • Acoustically Designed Recording Studio featuring:
- (1) Large Recording Room (L:30' W:15' H:x8')
- (1) Iso Booth (L:12' W:12' H:8')
- (1) Foley Stage / ADR Stage
- (1) Control Room / 5.1 Mixing & Mastering Room
• Large collection of Instruments & Props

Our Culture

With a deep passion shared in between Sound, Music and Technology. We are always excited at facing any challenge, always coming up with the most original, artistic and effective solutions.

Our Method

In today's technology-driven environment, we make it a priority to offer the latest tools. We are constantly pushing the limits, to make any concept a reality for your project.

It is our priority to carry the message of your production further with the help of music and sound design.

Our Skills

Sound Design
Music Production
Sound Designer • Composer
Bastien Benkhelil

Bastien Benkhelil

Composer, Foley Artist, Sound Designer, Mastering Engineer... Bastien has contributed to a wide range of projects in need of a unique professional Soundtrack. From Custom Sound Effects recordings to Foley Walking, to Scoring and Music Production, all the way to the end with Mastering Services, this broad range of both technical and artistic skills gives him a unique and powerful vision of your Audio & Music needs.

Foley • Sound Design
Jane Helf

Foley • Sound Design

The Studio
Joshua Insanus

The Studio

aNOmaLY Studio is located in the heart of the North Hollywood Art District in Los Angeles. The space has been developped to provide a comfortable and optimized work environment. Technology and Science are our best tools at crafting beautiful art, but it is important for the technical process to not interfere with the creativity of the artist. Our answer is to provide a wide variety of expertise and a tailored selection of the finest recording equipments to accomodate a wide range of needs.


something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.


an extensive collection of analog gear and microphones

Microphones :
• AKG C-12 Tube Condenser
• ROYER 101 Active Ribbon
• Oktava MK-012 MSP2 Small Condenser (MJE Modded) (x2)
• Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon
• M-Audio SPUTNIK Tube Condensers (x3)
• Shure SM57 Dynamic(x5)
• Shure Beta 57 Dynamic
• Shure SM7 Dynamic
• AKG D112
• Audix D-6 Dynamic
• SOLOMON MiCS LoFreq Sub Mic
• Avantone ATOM (x3)
• Rode NT1 Condenser(x2)
• Sanken Cos-11D Lavalier Microphone (x2)
• Sennheiser MKH-70-(P48) Super-Cardioid Shotgun Condenser Microphone
• Aquarian Audio H2a-XLR Hydrophones (x2)

• VINTECH VA-573 (x2)
• Rupert NEVE Design 517 Micpres (x4)
• Daking MicPre 500 (x4)
• Chameleon Lab NEVE 1073 Clone (x2)
• Universal Audio 1176LN Stereo Limiting Amplifier
• Aphex 1100 Discrete Class A Tube Micpre (x2)
• Aphex 207D Tube Micpre (x2)
• Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel
• Focusrite Octopre (x8)

Monitoring :
• Genelec 5.1 Monitoring System
• PMC Mastering Monitors with Bryston Amplification.
• KRK Rockit 5
• Behritone Active
• Avid PRO TOOLS HD 10 & 11 fully loaded.

• Wurlitzer 200A
• Fender Rhodes 73 MkII Suitcase
• Fender Rhodes 73 MkI Stage
• Aldrich New York Baby Grand Piano
• Moog Sub Phatty
• Nord Electro 5
• Korg Microkorg
• 1969 Gibson Heritage Acoustic Guitar
• PDP 5 Pieces Maple Drum Kit

• Otari MX7800 8 tracks 1" Tape Machine
• Custom Monitoring Controller with Talk Back
• 196 point TT Patch Bay
• Star Grounded - Floated Electrical Layout

Our Technology

Why Choose Us ?

  • Creative
  • Reliable
  • Highest Quality Standards
  • One-Stop-Shop allows for better project management and pricing.

Sound Design

SFX Recording • Foley • Dialogue Editing • 5.1 Mixing


Film Scoring • Commercials • Original Compositions

Recording Studio

Acoustically designed Modular Recording Studio. Built and fine-tuned to the highest standards • State-Of-The-Art Gear

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